Wardrobe function, similar to SKINs in character sheet (QOL)

I want to propose a “wardrobe” function, which works similar to the SKINs within the character sheet. The idea is that all acquired clothes and body modifications are stored centrally and can be accessed whereever you are.
Right now, we can only waer what we have in the same station and need to move our clothes just like our ships.
While I agree that clothes are usually considers a physical thing that needs to be in the place where your body is, this argument only fits partially.

  1. Clothes seem to be magically “beamed” to your new clone, in case you get podded or clone jump. Your ships are not.
  2. Clothes are a purely cosmetically aspect of the game, similar to SKINs and emblems.

Feedback is welcome. And I agree, this would just be a “quality of life” feature, nothing that would drastically change the powers of New Eden.


Seeing the subject matter is right up his alley @DeMichael_Crimson might be interested in reading and maybe responding to this, just a guess.

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lol, thanks for the tag…

The OP’s idea is actually pretty good.

If CCP was to implement something like that, it might entice other players to purchase apparel items…


Definitely agree with this, I just posted a similar thread as I hadnt seen this. I would also want to see:

  • Ability to save outfits for recalling in future (extremely basic option in most games)

  • Saving an outfit/clothing to a jump clone (this is due to your first point about the weirdness of clothes jump cloning with you, and to make more use of apparel easily).

This second point would let me have pirate clones, empire clones, indy, explo etc. all set up and ready, making use of the ISK and/or RL money we’ve put into apparel.


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