Add/remove in wardrobes

An add and remove function to the wardrobe so that characters don’t have to store their clothes in a hangar or a warehouse ‘container’ that is better designed for bodies or loot from easily farmed sites, this allows players to buy and sell clothes and transport them around without risking them to ship scanners and gankers,

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I’d settle for skin like application.
You decide if you want it for yourself or as a sellable item. But once you use it, it’s yours forever. No second hand clothes ships here.

How do you think more safety would be a benefit to the game?

People don’t meaningfully move and loose wardrobes already. You move valuable clothing by wearing it. Additionally clothing is purely a vanity asset, it has no practical effect in game beyond some isk (Which ok can be significant but not in the same way as a faction modules bonus stats are.)

However… Making it like ship skins means that either it is a vanity asset purely, which can no longer be traded at all, so it being safe doesn’t matter.
Or it is a physical item requiring movement and having value.
Hence why I’d like to see it become like the skin library.

I think it would increase the transport of clothes to trade hubs or elsewhere to be sold and possibly add more value to clothes because people would be moving them around.

Clothes aren’t about being a commodity really, it doesn’t make much sense to have clothes but no ability to store them which may put people off buying them, there’s obviously an interest but having them as a specific item and only able to use them where they are would make people reluctant to either use them or buy them unless they want to wear that specific thing. So it may make more clothes available.

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