Dressing my character

What is wrong with the dress-up function? I’ve tried to improve my fashion sense on two characters, to no avail. I click repeatedly to change a clothing item, and nothing works. Am I to fade into fashion oblivion?

Please help!


Any clothing item you want to add to your character other than the default choices must be in the station you are trying to add them on.


Adding to what Xuxe Xu said, the Apparel items need to be stored in the Items Hangar, not in a container or ship cargohold.

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Assuming you’re going into the Character Customization screen via the appropriate icon in-station under Station Services?

If so, then your in-station clothing items need to be in your Item Hangar, not in any containers or holds as DeMichael indicates above.

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Yet we still can’t wear our “Hover” Tights!

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