Apparel account bound, similar to SKINs

Can you please look to make a pretty simple change for apparel to function like SKINs?

It would still allow market trading for people that buy from packs etc, but for those of us that use them, we can activate to account character and be able to use anywhere.

Its ridiculous that I need to essentially keep a wardrobe in a random station, and can only change my clothing in the same station as said apparel. Its also crazy from a lore POV that when I jump clones, my clothes come with me. Yet if I then change clothes in that new station, the items are dropped into my hangar? How did they travel with my clone?

Having the option to assign apparel to an account, and maybe even assign unique clothing to different jump clones (similar to implants) would be great for those who care about using them, especially from an RP perspective.

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