Character Apparel Licenses for Use at Any Station


First of all, let me get this clarified: I do acknowledge that the Incarna features are cancelled, and developers don’t have a primary focus on characters appearance. This is just a simple suggestion that would not require massive developer time dedication, at least to my knowledge.

Having said this, going to the idea.

We all use ship SKINS. They are purchased as SKIN licenses, able to be kept in cargo and hangars. When we activate a SKIN, it gets consumed and added to a pilot, so it can be used anywhere, when the pilot desires.

However - the character apparel that we purchase on the New Eden store and ingame market, somehow lacks modern features in terms of accessibility. We gotta keep all our apparel in a station and in order to change clothes, we gotta go back to this station, sometimes travelling a lot.

I wonder: would it be nice if we had Apparel Licenses, similar to SKIN licenses, that, when activated, would make the cloth that we have purchased, available in every station?

I mean - lore and gameplay wise, the numerous fashion companies would produce their clothes en-masse and make them available anywhere. Given the fact that sometimes we pay more than a ship’s worth for a single piece of clothing, it is somehow annoying that it must be in a single station, not accessible enough.

And present time we got something similar to Apparel Licenses - the stock clothes that are not purchased in the market - the basic ones - are available in every station, slightly differing for each race and bloodline. So there is that.

Having purchased clothes accessible in all stations would ease their use, especially for Roleplay activities.

So this is the Apparel Licenses idea. I hope you enjoy.

I do acknowledge that such thing is not dev priority now, but would be really nice to have it implemented some time in the future. :slight_smile:


Some additional notes.

A thing like this may be implemented in different ways. Here is what I imagine:

  • Making the purchased clothes available anywhere, by implementing an option to store them in something like an Apparel Vault, similar to the PLEX vault in the inventory. An Apparel vault would be only visible in stations or player structures. Thus when we open the Character Customization, all our clothes should be available.

  • Making purchased clothes accessible like ship SKINS. When cloth is purchased, a player would be able to activate the Apparel License, which will consume the cloth and add it to the player collection, that should be visible somewhere in the character sheet. I like that option better.

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All clothing should be already present in the character editor. The items we buy or are gifted unlock those items for the character.

And i hope ccp have not abandoned avatar customisation. The CQ’s were pointless and under utilised, avatar customisation certainly isn’t.

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TBH I prefer the current system over a system like SKINs. It allows be to sell the clothes I don’t want/need anymore (as if that is ever going to happen :stuck_out_tongue:).


I’d love a Plex vault type option, This way you can resell unwanted items still too.


Ah makes sense. Thanks for the suggestions. :slight_smile:

I like the idea, and the SKINS mechanism would work fine too - As long as an item of clothing hadn’t yet been activated you’d be able to sell it as with any other item. +1

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