Market House Clothing

I bought several items of clothing from the market house. These clothing items are being used so their not showing in station inventory. If my character is pod killed, will I lose the clothing items?

no. only implants

Clothes that are used in the portrait of your character are absolutely safe and cannot be removed or lost until you make a new portrait, in which case they appear in the station you’re making the new portrait in.

This makes hauling of very expensive clothes easy, fast and completely safe:

  1. Have a piece of expensive clothing in inventory of station A
  2. Take a new portrait at A in wich your character wears the piece of expensive clothing
  3. Jump clone or self-destruct your pod to instantly arrive at station B, or fly all the way
  4. Take a new portrait at B and make your character wear another piece of clothing for that slot
  5. You now have the piece of expensive clothing at station B

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