Sideways and Tactless - Lowsec FW PVP - Smallgang

Hello there, Interested in small gang pvp, focusing on cruiser size ships and down?

Want to mindlessly feed and not have some one breathing down your neck about killboard stats?

Tired of waiting for fleet pings and aimlessly roaming around empty nullsec?

Join -Side today.

We’re looking for active, quick thinking, self sufficient pvp focused toons.

Mainly EUTZ with some USTZ players

2mil SP minimum and with access to discord and a mic or at least the ability to listen well and follow whats being asked of you.

We’re based in Amarr FW lowsec, calling the glorious crossroads of Amamake our home.

We try and roam daily, taking as many fights as possible and trying not to deny ourselves or our members of content simply because we’re afraid of losing imaginary space pixels.

We’re also in the alliance Siege Gold who offer citadel’s around the warzone and manufacturing and mining if you’re that way inclined.

If you’re interested, please feel free to join our public channel - “-Side Inhouse”.

Come hang out, ask whatever questions you have and hopefully see you in space!

Join us! Looking for more bros to die with in glorious space combat!

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