MANIFESTO- Small-medium gang low-sec PvP

We are recruiting more Space bros and other fellow travelers to our cause, and our tight-knit, long-running corporation Reckless-Endangerment. Based in lowsec, we will be doing primarily the following:

  • Small-gang roams
  • Mid-size fleet PVP
  • Being chill and maintaining a casual atmosphere.
  • frequent mining fleets- if your moon mining monster and anoms

Our ideal requirements are:

  • To be active in either USTZ or EUTZ
  • To have at least 3 million SP in primarily PVP skills but we will occasionally make exceptions for promising pilots
  • To maintain a PVP-focussed play style
  • Discord —> —////----
  • Teamspeak server address join our team speak—>
  • Headset/Mic for voice comms
  • Willingness to train into fleet doctrines
  • Willingness to participate in alliance/corp operations. We don’t have PAP links or a minimum activity ratio, but if you’re active/online and we have an op, you should be there.

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