**Manifesto** is recruiting active pvp corps/piolts-provding quailty content

We are recruiting more Space bros and other fellow travelers to our cause, we are here to offer quailty EVE content in many areas involoving PvP—PvE and ISK generation.

Our long-running corporation Reckless-Endangerment Based in lowsec, we will be doing primarily the following:

  • Small-gang roams
  • Mid-size fleet PVP- Multipule daily fleets USTZ
  • frequent mining fleets- if your moon mining monster and anoms

Our ideal requirements are:

  • To be active in either USTZ or EUTZ
  • To have at least 2 million SP in primarily PVP skills but we will occasionally make exceptions for promising pilots
  • To maintain a PVP-focused play style
  • Discord —> https://discord.gg/Kze4h9s
  • Teamspeak server address join our team speak—>manifesto.lol
  • Headset/Mic for voice comms
  • Willingness to train into fleet doctrines
  • Willingness to participate in alliance/corp operations. We don’t have PAP links or a minimum activity ratio, but if you’re active/online and we have an op, you should be there you will gain immense amounts of expirence.

bump it to the moon

bump it up

do stuff eve

much much pvp and mining.

bumping for sunday

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