Miners and folks who like to chill

Blingdenstone’s looking to build up a cool group of miners and pvpers.

for those who are looking to be part of a group that is very focused on improvement and content small gangs, Mining ops and active comms together join us in low sec and high sec and other places.

-----please join manifesto recruitment channel in game please

:firecracker:Miners please — apply we have fantastic mining opportunities,

----PvP folks— please check out Manifesto as the new home for your PVP ambitions.

-----many pve choices, to lead or join and earn some easy isk.

for more details contact- Pimps Masterson Masterson or discord link- https://discord.gg/qfgQXDA

we engage in a lot of PVE related activities of all types, nothing is off the table.

  • Ore Buyback program/salvage/anything you find!

  • Low-Sec moon mining operations, standard anoms

  • Jump freighter logistical support.

  • subsidized move from RED FRog 1- way trip for all new members

  • WH SITE Chaining

  • GAS mining

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