[EU/US] Blingdenstone [Mining/Industry/PvE/Exploration] Is Now Recruiting

Blingdenstone Is Currently Recruiting!

You may ask who are we, we are a primarily mining and industry group. We have an amazing leadership team who seeks to create an enjoyable experience for our members. One of the major goals for our corporation is to help newer pilots achieve great Isk income that way they can pursue other goals that they have set for themselves in the game. We also aim to create a community where we can banter around and not take the game to seriously because at the end of the day it is a game.

We offer:

  • Frequent moon mining fleets
  • Ice Mining Fleets
  • Ore Anomaly Mining Fleets
  • Gas Huffing
  • Mining boosts
  • PvE Fleets
  • Occasional PvP Fleets
  • 100% Jita buy back program
    - Includes Ore
    - Includes Salvage
    - Includes Planetary Interaction
  • BPO and BPC Library
  • Great community with experienced players helping to teach new members
  • Low Tax Rate
  • Corp owned structures
    -Raitarus and Athanors
  • Fun discourse and bonding between Corpmates (No Drama)
  • Constant Opportunities to learn more about industry, Mining, PvE, and PvP
  • Access to our fleet of mining barges
  • Access to Our Ship Replacement Program
  • Access to all datacores for Invention
  • Active Defense for Everyone During Operations and otherwise
  • An Exploration Division that scans down anomalies
  • No obligations (Real life always comes before pixels)

If you have any questions please message
Pimps Masterson or Reason Redemption in game
or Reason#3022 on Discord


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Love these guys.

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Is this group good for a low-skill player interested in mining Amar Low sec space? I’ve been in high sec for awhile and I was thinking about branching out.

We are currently based in Solitude, which is Gallente not Amar, but if you are interested in joining we can get you set up with some ships over here. The area that we are in is good for mining as we are blue with most groups in the area.

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