💎 Join Blingdenstone if you're interested in mining more then the rest

:gem: Join Blingdenstone if you’re interested in mining more then the rest

Blingdenstone, your first questions might be why? Industrial work… It’s so boring I ask have you challenged yourself? we are looking for folks who are looking for a group that focuses on fufilling and mining many peoples moons in many parts of space. running large anoms in groups in low sec or just hanging out chilling in high sec helping with new bro training and ore buy back operations.

looking for relaxed but focused players.

click below to contact us

  • Let’s talk— pimps masterson masterson- reason redemption.
  • Ore Buyback program/salvage /anything you find!
  • Low-Sec moon mining r32-r64 moons operations,low secn anom and gas site harvesting.
  • Access to HIGH-Low-some null no diplomatic bs involved.
  • Very friendly to new players, we offer more then any other corp would dare provide.

Active Ceo

sounds like a cool corp

who knows you might have fun bump

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