Blingdenstone --The Oasis for miners Wormholers and industrialist alike

:gem:Blingdenstone challenges you to join us in Eve if you’re interested in series goals and gameplay content

Blingdenstone, your first questions might be why? Industrial work… It’s so boring I ask have you challenged yourself? Mining that must be boring am I, right? Well sounds like you haven’t mined in low-sec… I need active miners who want to rebuild a thriving competitive market t2 included :chart_with_upwards_trend: :chart_with_downwards_trend:If your able to break free of your in-grained eve ways and are willing to take a big step and are willing to commit your time to create something that’s known on the block for excellent indy work.:moneybag:Rock hard revolutionaries is our alliance and if your an active corporation and want to join us please contact me anytime, looking for all player types​:pray:

what I mean by active, be online and interested in Eve, if you hear don’t make eve a job, etc, we aren’t the place for you were looking for relaxed but focused players who are ready to shine, this means you have a lot of experience and maybe are locked inside or are just an inside introverted person we want you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you

Let’s talk— pimps masterson masterson

Ore Buyback program/salvage /anything you find!

Low-Sec moon mining r32-r64 moons operations, WH mining, and gas site harvesting.

Jump freighter logistical support.

BPO- BPC library.

Data cores are provided publically for t2 invention.

publicly shared mining barge fleet so grab one and get to work !! lol

T1-T2 production/ reactions[ capital ship production.

Access to HIGH-Low no diplomatic bs involved.

Very friendly to new players, we offer more then any other corp would dare provide.

Active Ceo

Interesting conversations, no drama, only eve/other random topics, very civil

Join our public channel in-game or send a mail to mark wu or burning avatar

Or join

I truly hope to hear from you if you interested in something a bit more unorthodox.

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