๐Ÿ’Ž Join Blingdenstone if you're interesting in gameplay content PVE/INDY GUYS

:gem: Join Blingdenstone if youโ€™re interesting in gameplay content

Blingdenstone, your first question might be why? blingdenstone we are a group that is made up of older eve players who have been around the block, looking for folks who are looking for a group who is stable and gets into varied situations, currently looking for people to build out the corp a bit more focusing on PVE ACTIVITES. if you are interested please stop by and say hello!

Click below to contact us

Blingdenstone Round Table -join recruitment chat and ping me if Iโ€™m muted

Letโ€™s talkโ€” pimps Masterson Masterson- reason redemption.

Ore Buyback program/salvage /anything you find!

Low-Sec moon mining r32-r64 moons operations, low sec anom and gas site harvesting.


Very friendly to new players, we offer more than any other corp would dare provide.

Active Ceo

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