Welcome, thank you for considering Blingdenstone

Blingdenstone’s mission statement is a simple one, rebuild Dodixie a viable market Hub secondly we are looking to build up a cool group of freelancers who are looking to be a lone wolf together home little or no restrictions placed on you. I want you to know that your input matters and you will have an actual say as to want happens in the corp.

for more details contact- pimps Masterson Masterson

we engage in a lot of PVE related activities of all types, nothing is off the table.

  • Ore Buyback program/salvage/anything you find!
  • Low-Sec moon mining operations, WH mining, and gas site harvesting.
  • Jump freighter logistical support.
  • BPO- BPC library.
  • Data cores are provided publically for t2 invention.
  • publicly shared mining barge fleet so grab one and get to work !! lol
  • T1-T2-T3 production/ reactions[ capital ship production.
  • Access to HIGH-Low-Null no diplomatic bs involved.
  • 65 years combined eve experience
  • Very friendly to new players, we offer more then any other corp would dare provide.
  • Active Ceo 5-17 hours per day
  • Interesting conversations, no drama, only eve/other random topics.
  • Public Discord- https://discord.gg/K3JC3pH If you have questions please join and feel free to ask.

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