Welcome, thank you for considering Blingdenstone. Pvp and indy pilots needed, and my good ol miners bros

Welcome, thank you for considering Blingdenstone. Pvp and indy pilots needed, and my good ol miners bros

Blingdenstone’s mission statement is a simple one, rebuild Dodixie a viable market Hub secondly we are looking to build up a cool group of freelancers who are looking to be a lone wolf together little to no restrictions placed on you.

Miners please — apply we have fantastic mining opportunities

PvP folks— please check out manifesto as new home for your pvp ambitions.

I want you to know that your input matters and look forward to meet you.

for more details contact- pimps Masterson Masterson

we engage in a lot of PVE related activities of all types, nothing is off the table.

  • Ore Buyback program/salvage/anything you find!

  • Low-Sec moon mining operations, standard atoms

  • Jump freighter logistical support.
    *Small gang pvp

  • publicly shared mining barge fleet so grab one and get to work !! lol

  • MOON mining.

  • Very friendly to new players, we offer more then any other corp would dare provide.

  • Active Ceo 5-17 hours per day

  • Interesting conversations, no drama, only eve/other random topics.

  • Public Discord-https://discord.gg/WmUBdAfq9a if you have questions please join and feel free to ask.

Do you make boosters / reactions?

we do reactions, if you wanna do booster show me the way id love to learn how.

heres a bump

bump it up

what is your tax rate?

1 percent

bump that sucker miners miners chewing rock chew them chew them

bump it up

Wow I think it really cool that you are encouraging people under 18 or minors to join your corp. Have to teach them right.

LOL your probably thinking what the hell is this guy talking about ignore first sentence was a joke. Anyways 3B player here indy with some teeth sharpened skills. 1 account is full pegged indy pilot/slash orca slave other accounts are full skilled miners. looking to see what out there for corps.

i dont monitor this chat much sadly man, here for a billboard, but if your still looking we like to have you.

hey hey if your looking for those fatty mining pay checks, let your boy know

what time zone you are based of?

join us, bumping for sunday

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