[US/EU] Are You Ready For The Next Step Down the Industry and PvE Path? [PITTY] Blingdenstone is now recruiting!

Blingdenstone Is Currently Recruiting!

You may ask who are we, we are a primarily mining and industry group. We have an amazing leadership team who seeks to create an enjoyable experience for our members.

We offer:

  • Frequent moon mining fleets including Jackpot Moons
  • Mining boosts during fleets
  • 100% Jita Buy Back Program (Buy Price)
  • Includes Ore, Moon Ore, and Gas
  • Includes Planetary Interaction
  • Salvage Buy Back Program
  • 70% of Jita Buy Price
  • Great community with experienced players helping to teach new members
  • Low Tax Rate
  • Corp owned structures
    -Raitarus and Athanors
  • Blue Strictures Including Athanors, Raitarus, Azbels, Tataras, and Fortizars
  • Fun discourse and bonding between Corpmates (No Drama)
  • Constant Opportunities to learn more about industry, Mining, PvE, and PvP
  • Access to our fleet of mining barges
  • Access to our corp contracts
  • Access to Our Ship Replacement Program
  • Access to all data-cores for Invention
  • Active Defense for Everyone During Operations and otherwise
  • Regular PvP Fleets

If you have any questions please message
Pimps Masterson or Reason Redemption in game
or Reason#3022 or pimpsmasterson#0702 on Discord

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