Manifesto is Recruiting - Let Space Communism into your heart today! | US/EU TZ Lowsec PVP

For too long the podletariat of New Eden has suffered under the yoke of late-stage space capitalism. Thankfully, our glorious leader Bobba C Poole has returned from his nearly two-year long exile to resurrect Manifesto, a ragtag band of PVP-content revolutionaries, pilots who seek to free the denizens of the cluster from the chains of the Bluegeoisie and liberate the means of content production, by the means of exploding spaceships.

Newly reformed, we are recruiting more Space Communists (or Space Democratic Socialists - whatever those are anyway) and other fellow travelers to our cause, and our tight-knit, long-running corporation Reckless-Endangerment. Based in lowsec, we will be doing primarily the following:

  • Small-gang roams
  • Mid-size fleet PVP
  • Being chill and maintaining a casual atmosphere while we lament the rise of Space Fascism
  • Occasional mining fleets

Our ideal requirements are:

  • To be active in either USTZ or EUTZ
  • To have at least 3 million SP in primarily PVP skills but we will occasionally make exceptions for promising pilots
  • To maintain a PVP-focussed play style
  • Discord and Teamspeak
  • Headset/Mic for voice comms
  • Willingness to train into fleet doctrines
  • Willingness to participate in alliance/corp operations. We don’t have PAP links or a minimum activity ratio, but if you’re active/online and we have an op, you should be there

Join our Discord and talk to a recruiter today:

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