New Eden Trade Union [NETU] seeks active, goal-focused pilots!

[New Eden Trade Union]


Contact: Ranis Garr (EVEMail or Private Conversation)


Veteran Corporation Reboot with Experienced Leadership Seeking Capsuleers From All Professions

2019.10.11 – New Eden Trade Union [ESE:NETU] sends out a call to arms to any interested capsuleers seeking a goal-oriented corporation. We are currently seeking the following from capsuleers to fill out our ranks:

  • PvP/PvE’ers
  • Miners
  • Research and Development Players
  • Omega clone grade preferred
  • Those seeking belonging in an organization
  • Willingness to use voicecomms

Any capsuleers who are able to meet the above requirements are welcome and can expect the following from our Corporation:

  • Experienced leadership focused on promoting teamwork and connection
  • A corporation that is highly invested in developing its members, both experientially and financially
  • Based out of Amarr Space (High Sec currently, will expand to 0.0 Providence at later date)
  • Miners - Earn a Free Retriever, Train the Skills and the Ship is Yours
  • Orca Supported Mining Ops
  • Opportunities for Advancement - Seeking high drive individuals looking to fill roles within the team
  • Privately Traded Corporation with Dividend Payouts - Have a voice in the corporation and share in its properity
  • Guilded Server w/ Voice Comms & Discord Server
  • A corporation that has fun, while still managing to meet its goals
  • US Time Zones Covered – Seeking to Expand into EU TZs
  • Capital Support Available
  • PvP Training
  • Over 2 years of activity in EVE – Players with far more experience as well.

Ultimately, the New Eden Trade Union puts it’s members interests at par with corporation interests. Our corporation is your corporation; our success is shared and we work as a team. Come be apart of our team and learn the value of camaraderie in New Eden.

If we look like a corporation that will fit your needs feel free to contact Ranis Garr for more information and applications.


Evemail Ranis Garr for questions or to apply


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