United Research and Development Recruiting

Reignite with us!

While we do it all our current focus is on Industrial, namely fuel production for our structures. We would like to expand our ranks of miners and PI gurus. We operate near Hek and also in wormhole space.

What we offer

  • Small mining fleets with Orca boosts

  • Free or discounted reprocessing in our structures (This varies but I can promise it’s cheaper than NPC stations)

  • New player friendly players who can give advice to those new to New Eden

  • Discord server for both voice comms and text

(What we offer may be further updated as we continue to recruit and grow)


  • Clean Employment History ( Meaning: 1.) We do not want players who seem to move from corp to corp to corp in less than a month. We want long time members. 2.) Membership in a pirate/ganker corp within the last 3 months will also disqualify you from membership )

  • There is no skill requirements however, the willingness to invest in skills related to planetary interaction and/or Ice mining is a must.

  • Willingness to move near our operation areas (Near Hek within 10 Jumps of it)

  • Willingness to go through a 1 month probation period where information on our WH operations is limited

  • Good personality (Not toxic)

Tona Cadelanne, Ciaphas Cadelanne or Meridia Thellere (preferably ingame inbox)
Tell us a little about you and what you wish for in a corporation

Thank you very much and fly safe!

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