New Eden Heavy Industries Incorporated is Recruiting


New Eden Heavy Industries Incorporated in looking for pilots. We focus primarily on High Sec mining and mission running. We welcome new players and returning vets, Alpha or Omega clones and, if you need it, we’ll even give you a spanking new Venture-class mining frigate, fully fitted, with drones and everything to help kick start your time with us.

We do have a 10% tax rate, but that will be lowered the more people who join up. We also offer free ammo, free tech 1 and 2 modules, blueprint copies for modules, ships, and ammo, fitting advice, fleet operations for mining and mission running, and conversation vis Discord with experienced (bitter) vets and new players alike.

Corp HQ is in Gallente space in Luminaire at the Duvolle Laboratories station.

Contact me, Allison Draven, in game (US Eastern time zone) for more information. We welcome everyone who wants to play regardless of any factor such as race, country of origin, religious beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and expression. We respect pronouns and identities and are LGBTQIA+ accepting.

Fly safe
~Allison Draven

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