New Eden Cartel looking for new and old players!

Recruiting Everyone who’s interested in industry!
From mining to hauling and everything inbetween.

We are a small corp looking to rise up in the hundreds of thousands of others.

What we are looking for is likeminded people who also want to make a contribution to the economy, young or old, new or experienced doesn’t matter!

We don’t stand for pve/pvp only, once we get bigger we’ll be able to make our own ships, the ships you’ll be able to take out and have fun with.

We have a few corp goals that we want to work towards.

  • Make our own stuff
  • Get our own place
  • Move to Wh/Ls/Ns space
  • Get our own Market running
  • Host mining ops
    • Boosting ships
    • Mining ships
  • Anti gank squad
  • Creat an insurance system and ore buyback program
    And more!

The only requirement is a full api.

If you have any questions or wish to join, please join our public channel: N3C Pub

Still recruiting!


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