[NEMA1] New Eden Merchant Association Recruiting

TL;DR in the banner. More info commences now.

Hey, there. I’m Maverick Destro, Executor of the New Eden Merchant Association.

We’re looking for corporations that are looking for specific kinds of services and solutions.

Our primary goals in Eve are to ensure that the emergent gameplay takes place in all sectors, people are turning a profit, and people are enjoying their chosen playstyle in this game we all love.

No, we don’t want to take over Eve. No, we don’t want to stop gankers, pvpbros, or the big blue donut from having their way in Null Sov.

We want ships to be destroyed so we can build new ships. We want to see the concurrent player numbers going back up. We want to help drive emergent gameplay in high-sec, funnel new players to null/WH space powerhouses, and help Eve be what Eve was always meant to be - are hard game that takes teamwork to play.

How do we plan to do this?

First, to High-Sec Industrial and PVE corporations, we pledge that we will help protect you and your assets should some organization decide you’re a worthwhile target. Any corporation that is in our alliance will come to your defense. Period. We may all die horribly, but we will come to your aid.

Second, to our Null Sov brethren, we know that your true superpower is the NewBros that come your way. Not all of them are ready for what you’re about the throw on them with that fleet doctrine/policy/diplomacy Null stuff you guys do. We pledge to help with that. We understand that people are your most desired commodity. We’ll make sure you get some that know what they’re doing - well, kinda. Probably. (We’ll do our best.)

Third, to WH Homies, we understand you need a mix of industrial and personnel logistic support to maintain your profitability. We pledge to help you get the funnel of logistics support you need in order to operate efficiently and at maximum profit.

To all our other interested capsuleers in Eve, we offer this: you’ll probably get a chance to shoot at us. We’ll have people that don’t understand the game completely quite yet. I invite you to teach them a lesson. Try not to be too harsh, though. Please explain to them their ■■■■ up. And give us a chance to help you have moar targets that you can help teach what Eve is all about, as well.

Why the HELL would you want us to help you with this?

We’ve got a decent core that knows what they’re doing and more are coming on board. Between us all, our experiences stretch back to Eve Beta. We love this game and we want to see it succeed, period. We want Eve to be around for another 16 years at a minimum. The only way to do that is by getting new customers to play and continue to play.

The only way to do that is by breaking the stagnancy that has gripped this game. NEMA can’t do a damn thing about Null Sov, J-Space, or Low-Sec, to be absolutely honest. We can, however, affect the way the game is played in High-Sec, with the cooperation of others.

Concrete things we can help with:

  • Logistics Ready to help start the delivery of the pledge items above
  • Mutual Protection Agreements for Traditional High-Sec Corporations
  • Random events such as low-sec roams, WH Dives, and dying a lot for the sheer joy of it for those that are interested
  • A place to incubate NewBros and send them out to the greater Eve Cluster

Bonus for those interested in RP
For those out there that interested in the role play side of the game, we plan on keeping all our announcements (after this one) as in-character as possible. We’re a Caldari-run, Gallente Loyalist capsuleer alliance. So, that should be interesting.

At the end of the day, we want to help provide more content for Eve.

Yup, we’ll get killed. Yup, we’ll supply those very same killers because that’s how the economy works. Yup, we’ll do dumb ■■■■ to win stupid prizes. Yup, we want this game to get better.

So, if that sounds interesting at all, contact us on our Discord and check our Website.


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Hi, I just started playing EVE online and I read online that a major part of enjoyment is from being part of corporation. I liked what I read about your corporation here. I am interested to join. my ingame name is Kazi Hossain

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Hey there, Kazi. Thanks for reaching out.

It’s a bit late for me here, but I’ll have one of my diplos reach out to you to have a chat. You’re correct that being part of a corporation is a major part of succeeding and having fun in Eve. If we’re not the place for you, we’ll help you find somewhere that is.

Talk soon!

We are looking for new corporations to join our organization.

Please check out our Alliance Website. In addition, check out the Alliance Charter.

We’d like to see more of the following:

  • WH/Exploration focused corporations
  • PVE focused corporations
  • Those interested in standing up an Alt-Based Security Force
  • Industrial focused corporations looking to expand their activities to include those above as a group

Hit us up on Discord if you’d like to talk.

We’re really looking to recruit some creative corps out there that thrive on high-sec life. PVE/PVP/Indy, you name it.

Give us a shout!

Still looking for noob friendly high sec corps.

Aren’t you the guy that was arguing with the tribes people?

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