Sweet Iskies, space farts and wormhole content galore - New Eden Trade Guild

Looking for experienced BitterVets and NewBros alike.

The New Eden Trade Guild is an industry-focused corp with Engineering Complexes in both HiSec and a C2 Wormhole. We’ve been running for some four months now since our original foundation on Reddit. Our is a tight-knit community that was founded on the principle of equipping NewBros for lives in industry and wormholes. We’ve retained that culture of helping one another out and being an alpha-friendly corp.

A new player within the corp can expect an active Discord, on which we’re quick to offer advice and assistance, it’s really been the keystone of the corp since it allows us to communicate regardless of RL circumstances. We’re proud of the fact that, thanks to our efforts, we’ve brought numerous former players back into sub’d accounts and encouraged Alphas to hit Omega for this first time. We know that EVE isn’t a game that should be played alone and offering a casual and informative environment for new players is what has kept many of us in the game.

Rather than toot our own horn further, I’ll share with you the pertinent benefits we offer our members:

-95% Jita buyback on all ore, salvage, PI materials (and boy are there a lot of those in wormholes) and approved modules
-A fully accessible and extensive BPO library for public use -A standing fleet of shared industry ships and doctrine PvP fits, accessible to anyone
-A SRP covering all frigates and any doctrine PvP ships lost in the line of duty
-A skilbook reimbursement programme equivalent to 1mil per day
-A free Procurer awarded after your first month -An active and helpful community

Don’t misconstrue us as a carebear corp, however; in WH space, PvP is a constant factor and a reality of life. One has to learn to fight in our doctrine ships, or else we shan’t survive long. Even in HiSec, the reality of life for an active industry corp is suffering perpetual war decs; our capsuleers have to know either how to fight or how to effectively fly under war time conditions. If you’re a PvP’er, however, looking for some good fights with the prospect of active logistical support from a well-equipped corp, perhaps these factors may well prove enticing :slight_smile:

We don’t stick to any particular timezone; we’re pretty evenly split between UTC, EST and PST.
If you’re interested in learning what we’re about, you can drop by our Discord (recommended), or our ingame chat channel ‘NE Trade Guild’

Discord: https://discord.gg/XhHrnCG