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I am Ikarus Cesaille, the founder of Silent Coalition. You might know me as the guy who is sending tons of recruitment mails to invite new, old and returning players to join our high sec entry level corporation Strategic Exploration and Development Corp [SEADC]

Before you jump the gun and down vote me for sending all of those mails, let me explain what we are doing and what we are seeking to do with all of this!

SEADC is the entry level corporation for our coalition, we simply invite anyone who is interested in joining us. Our primary goals with this corporations are extremely simple:

  1. Pull as many players as possible out from NPC corporations that lack guidance and leadership into a player corporation that seeks to help the player survive the learning curve in EVE. SEADC is super laid back and we have 0 restrictions on your gameplay. If you wish you can simply use us as a secondary rookie chat for seeking help. Our goal is to raise fleets in mining, pve and pvp in different areas of space with a low entry barrier hoping that people interact with each others and are not left alone by themselves as they might in the NPC corporations. In other words we try to educate people about what player interaction in EVE might look like
  2. Push these players out from the corporation into other corporations that possibly suite the members desired gameplay better (as one corp can’t simply do it all). We do not care if the corp is part of goons, test or simply some other random null alliance. All we care is that the corp is a good place for the player to be in when they want to practice a certain career in eve. We do not seek to blue any alliances, only the individual corporations as that is the only way for us to know that at least that individual corporation is active and a good place for that player. Of course we also allow people to remain in SEADC if they simply are looking for a laid back corp to sit in and chat.

Since we pretty much have nailed the part 1 we are now looking for more help for part 2 . I am looking for corporations that are active and are focusing on a limited set of activities to join our coalition. In other words not looking for corps that say we live in all sec areas and do everything.

We are currently lacking a few corporations that are dedicating on:

  1. Null sec space
  2. Faction Warfare
  3. Low sec Space
  4. Piracy
  5. Non English speaking corporations

Non english speaking corporations:

Our coalition uses English for all of our communications on the global level, but not all the new players who join EVE can talk English, or don’t want to. This is why we also want to include these corporations in our recruitment mails, like we are currently doing for Russian speaking players. With the launch of Korean EVE client we are in need of an Korean corporation that we could guide Korean speaking members to (as that Korean help chat is getting hammered with rookies).

Joining our coalition is very easy and doesn’t require you to join our alliance. In fact in most cases you can’t join our alliance if you are already part of some other alliance in null or perhaps doing FW. Joining SiCO is a very simple process of setting up standings and other access lists. You can read more about us and our structure on our homepage

Joining us comes with a few requirements : we require your corporation to be active and honest about what you do. We also require you to use our global comms in and out of the game to ensure that other people in the coalition learn about you. If no1 knows about your corp in the coalition then no1 will be able to join you. Overall this doesn’t restrict your corporations activities in an way, in fact our corporations have 100% autonomy on their own corp and they can decide what they want to do and how they want to do it.

What we offer , well obviously a steady stream of new recruits (assuming you interact with people and make them know about you). Besides this if you do not have a IT system set up, we offer a full framework for corporation management. You can read about those things in here

So all in all i am looking for good corporations that i could send our members into who seek to advance out from our massive entry corp. Your internal corporation statuses, standings or relations do not matter to us. We will only integrate your corporation and you integrate your own members with your own alliances or null coalitions.

So if you think you corporation is a good corporation and you are offering something unique that would make an eve player happy, I am asking you to contact me over discord!

With Best Regards
Ikarus Cesaille
Discord: Ikarus Cesaille#0361



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