Silver Guardians - Sov Null Sec | HORDE | PvP & Indy

Welcome to Silver Guardians!
Proud member of Pandemic Horde

We welcome active pilots who have a good attitude, are team players, and have the desire and ability to learn.

Drama free-environment / “family” friendly

Some of the benefits -SLVR enjoys:

  • Small to BLOC and BLOPS Warfare
  • 2 Private Systems for Ratting and Mining
  • Alliance Wide SRP (Ship Replacement Program)
  • Corp (and alliance) jump-freighter/logistics

Currently we are only accepting Omega accounts. We have comms on Discord, Team Speak, and Mumble. Our only requirement is that you are self sufficent in making ISK and able to or willing to train into fleet doctrine ships. We are not a renter corp. We have minimum monthly fleet participation requirements for all pilots.

Join our in game channel “Silvers” for more info



intrested! Do you guys have a discord? App was put in

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