Cherry Defense Systems Recruiting

Good day capsuleers !

We are recruiting about 3-4 pilots over the next few weeks and staying put in Pure Blind.

  • PVP and PVE as well as Industrial null sec space for us
  • SRP in alliance and in corp.
  • Learning from some of the best FCs in the galaxy
  • Good core looking for mature members who want to make a name in null sec.
  • Non toxic indaviduals; will be an interview at the end of the process
  • SEAT required
  • High sec and wormhole exploration is a common hobby of many of the crew
  • 21+
  • 5m SP minimum
  • A very powerful core of Industrial talent, Drugs, and whatever avenue you want to take - we’ve got it covered for you.

Please mail here and drop your D-mail handles or reply via a message.

“If someone offers you a seat on a rocket ship, dont ask which seat. Just get on”


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