[CDSY] Cherry Defense Systems - Recruiting PVP/Indy pilots!

An active family style corporations has recently opened recruitment to lower-sp pilots. Come learn your trade whether it be PvP, PVE, market trading and manipulation, industry and even the art of infiltration. Proud members of one of the most efficient and effective null sec alliances.

We have an extraordinary large sector of null sec just West of Jita, conveniently located close to our enemies for your content enjoying needs. With over 3 fleets per day you won’t be short on any action whether it be small scale frigate roams to capital warfare. The current climate is a war-time climate so you will be thrown into the deep end with little option but to swim, and learn your trade more efficiently.

For the NPC casual enjoyer, we have plenty of options for PVE, living on the edge of Serpentis/Guristas space will give you a more refreshing option when choosing to farm those DED sites for the sweet loot drops. Learn some of the best ISK making methods from our dedicated members.

Industrialists and market movers - come join and learn how we made close to 1T ISK manipulating prices. Be part of the team and help build ships, modules, and reactions in our industrial capital. We boast one of the best markets after Jita. Transport and logistics are perhaps the most under appreciated jobs in the galaxy but it is at the core of Cherry. JF pilots welcome to join our team and help fulfil contracts to allow our well drilled operation to operate flawlessly.

We have been defending our space heavily outnumbered for the last 18 months and our enemies have had little to no progress. Join us and make us stronger!

No matter what aspect of your game you’re looking to improve whether it be ISK-generation or PVP/Indy we are here to make it fun, relaxed, and enjoyable.

Join our Discord for a chat!


  • Access to discord and mumble
  • Friendly and willing to learn
  • 5M sp+
  • Full ESI standard checks

We boast a humble and very strong military record since we moved to Pure Blind in 2020.


OP I think your title has an error in it.


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I think not :blush:

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industrial giants - massive perks - find out in game channel : Quafe Zero Cherry :purple_heart:


To the

“All around one of the best corporations in New Eden” -Jstr

Industrialists - we are focused on mining and capital ship construction - get involved

With four private moon mining athanors we are well set.

To the top :blush:

Cash heavy corporation looking to help our strong team players ! Miners and Industry players welcome ! WARTIME pvp fleets going out daily.


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