CHERRY - SUPREME - 0.0 Active

Cherry Defense Systems has opened recruitment and are looking for an additional 5 active pilots to join us in our boundless space in Fade,Deklein,Pure Blind and invite you to come live in the border of the last war in Eve.

Active fights and fleets at your doorstep.

We are looking for PVP-based pilots mainly but of course are open to industrialists, the core roots of the corporation.

We require applicants to be non-toxic individuals with a strong sense of how to pilot and operate small to large ships.

Minimum skill requirement: 30,000,000SP
Active participation monthly (5+ fleets)

Our strong financial position allows full SRP on all fleets as well as boasting one of the lowest tax rates at 0,1%.

We are proud members of one of the strongest alliances in the game at WE FORM BL0B and have a fantastic team ethic and win-rate which we hope you will benefit and learn from.

To apply mail myself in game or join our discord @ Palatine Keepstar


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