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Welcome to CDSY - Cherry Defense Systems Recruitment
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We offer oppertunities and a laid back environment for pilots to thrive in. Proud members of WE FORM BL0B, we offer daily fleets, mining operations, PVE, and of course small to large scale PVP encounters within our boundless space in Fade, Deklen, and Pure Blind. We are currently coming out of a defensive war that was won, and are looking for experienced reinforcments in both the PVP and Industrial sectors.

The true power of Cherry lies in it’s corporate culture - always humble, polite, and professional, leaving pilots who join us feel part of the family and able to participate and engage with no pressure attached.

Industrial giants from our time in EVE has left Cherry in a prime position to assist our pilots with ships, awards, and so much more.

20,000,000 SP+

In-game channel: Quafe Zero Cherry
zKill: Cherry Defense Systems | Corporation | zKillboard




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Battle Report Tool :flushed:

Battle Report - 2:7 isk ratio

Believe in yourself.

Earn 1bil per day in null sec! Christmas events incoming.

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Exciting times ahead - newly formed coalition B2 together with our allies at BRAVE.

Apply today - get in touch with a recruiter.


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