Since 64 bit launcher change, clients no longer show as "logged in" in launcher, even when logged in

It used to be so that when clients were logged in, the launcher wouldn’t allow you to attempt to launch them again since they are already logged in. If you clicked launch all, the logged in ones would not attempt to log in.

Since the 64 bit launcher update, they no longer show as logged in, even when logged in. This means if you have 5 clients logged in and 3 not, when you click “launch all” it will attempt to log in all 8 clients, which causes the 5 logged in ones to be disconnected as it relaunches everything.

Only a problem for me since the 64 bit launcher update change.

Could be related to my launcher also not saving the 32 bit setting, always defaulting to 64 bit no matter what. Both issues began with that 64 bit launcher update change.

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