Client doesn't save client option changed. Always defaults back to 64 bit after closing launcher

I’m trying to run the game as 32 bit client. After changing it, it defaults back to 64 bit every time. As soon as launcher closes, it forgets the setting change.

I have this issue as well. Keep having to change to 32 bit as my game won’t launch in 64 bit mode at the moment for some reason.

I think this is an issue for everyone. Only CCP can fix it.

Nope, its not an issue for everyone, for me the „64 bit“ option remains unchecked.

Have been running as 64 bit since day one of the option being available and never had any problems and option always remains checked which to me would be correct if running a 64 bit pc

For those having issues. Have you made custom profiles or just using the generic one?

That isn’t the issue. The option always checks back on if you turn it off.

Whats the bet the CSM were involved in this disaster as well.

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