Sinewave - Easy Null Sec Pvp


(Dosage Maxius) #1

Dosage Maxius : “Just a bunch of mates in null. shooting people as much as possible!”

A small PvP corp within small focused 0.0 PvP Alliance.

We are small but this give pilots a chance to shine and make a difference instead of just being another number.

Corp Methodology:

  • PvP for fun at Small Gang/Alliance
  • Real Life comes first attitude.
  • No drama.

We offer:

  • Access to easy isk in null.
  • Alliance JF service for getting stuff to null.
  • Corp mates that will do anything for each other.

We are looking for:

  • EU time zone.
  • Have headset and willing to join slack/ts3
  • Willing to take part in corp/alliance activities.

Recruitment Channel: Sinewave-Public


In-Game Contact: Dosage Maxius