Не могу войти на тестовый сервер Singularity

Не могу зайти на тестовый сервер Singularity, пишет - “Неверное имя пользователя / пароль”.
Я знаю точно, что они правильные. Что делать? Другими аккаунтами могу зайти.

Im gonna be nice and translate this with google.
I’ll also be nice enough to mention that the default language to use on the forums is English, UNLESS you are in the subforum for that language, which there is a Russian subforum.

Now for your translation:

Can’t login to Singularity test server, says “Invalid username/password”.
I know for sure that they are correct. What to do? I can login with other accounts.

If you changed the password in the 3-4 months, youll need to use your old password to log in. Though a mirror is due soon™


Please note for future posts that the language in this forum area should be English.

Thanks to @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras at this point for translating.

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