Sinister Intent - No quarters given

Sinister Intent is recruiting pilots in US timezone.

Contact in-game for recruitment: CEO Tres Pein or Director Conduct Uzumaki.

About Us:
We are a small active PVP focused alliance based in Placid , 1 jump from FW, 1 jump from high and 3 jumps from nullsec which brings many options for content, from casual roams through Faction warfare, to precision gate camps, to the occasional capital escalation we dabble in most areas of PvP with the soul intent to come out on top. Pilots seeking low drama, experienced leadership , active members, friendly RL first atmosphere, and a desire to kill all the things should apply.

Applicants must be able to fly doctrine when needed, and be active on coms.
We are new player friendly but new players are a case by case basis

In addition, we are also looking for pilots who are willing to skill into the following ships:

• Camping - Vigilant, Brutix, Broadsword, Gnosis
• Roaming - Curse, Vexor, Loki, Oracle

• Regular activity
• Experienced FC
• NBSI and a very very small blue list
• Joint Operations
• We are a friendly group with a sense of humor, we will purge drama queens
• Pretty Much just… PvP
• Discord Coms

Pilots must be:

• Willing to go -10
• Able to to follow FC instructions
• Financially Independent
• Generally mature but appreciate the dark side of being a pirate
• Regularly Active but RL comes first
• Use Discord with Mic

Fly Dangerously 07

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