Hateful Intent [H1NT] Now recruiting all player types as long as you are willing to PVP

Hateful Intent is an old corporation looking to relight our story and make some more history. The leadership decided a while ago we were all going to take a break and have now decided it is time we come back to eve and have some fun. We have experience leadership who have extensive experience with every aspect of the game. there is nothing you cannot learn from us. We only have a few requirements. We accept pilots from all time zones however we primarily will be operating in the 5 Central to midnight Central time frames during the week. Any times really during the weekends.

IF you are interested then please Eve-Mail or Convo myself in game.


10M SP
Must be willing to PVP. You can have what ever focus you want in the game, however you must be willing to get into fights as well.
Must be willing to learn. We have our own tried and true way of doing things. Our methods have made us extremely effective both on and off the battlefield.

Ideal Candidate:
Can Fly the following: Ham Loki, Ham Tengu, Rail Tengu, Corm with T2 Rails, Blops.
Have alts that can fly caps
Have alts that can Mine

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