Hateful Intent - Spreading HATE Across New Eden!

Greetings future and current wormhole PvP badasses. By clicking on this corp advertisement post you have taken the first step toward being part of one of the most active and well-coordinated professional PvP corporations in New Eden. I congratulate you on this accomplishment, and look forward to seeing you in our fleets. Hateful Intent offers much for pilots with an itchy trigger finger including:

  • Based out of a C2 hole with C5/nullsec statics, giving access to a variety of content
  • Daily PvP including gang combat in wormholes, roams through null sec, Black Ops, and more!!!
  • Contracted PvP deployments
  • Access to perfect PI in home system (all base resources available)
  • Corporate buyback program means you don’t need to haul your own sleeper loot or industry products out to sell
  • Mature zero ■■■■■■■■ policy with plenty of banter and friendly roughhousing on comms, thin-skinned snowflakes need not apply

Current recruitment requirements are as follows:

  • A minimum SP of 30 mil, with ability to fly bombers and preferably lokis
  • at least one alt with some amount of combat use/utility (and willingness to train for PvP further)
  • Some amount of PvP activity/experience preferably in wormholes
  • Ability to remain active and communicate with corp members when needed
  • All members are subject to submit SeAT information for all characters which will be brought into corp
  • We are currently willing to accept members who don’t meet these requirements on a trial basis with limited corp permissions

Any member who joins but decides the Hateful life is not for them will be given 48 hours with corp assistance to safely remove any assets. For more info and/or trolling join channel “H1NT Pub” in-game or contact one of our recruiters listed below (we don’t bite…much)

In-Game Recruiters:

  • TeriyakiDynamite Madeveda
  • Mr. Snowden
  • Zelorin

Fly Hatefully, and Praise Bob o/

Recruitment still active, feel free to contact us!

still looking for more nerds to fly on the Hateful side of life!

Don’t be shy, contact us in game or leave a message

My watch never ends, come say hi!

Still recruiting, still hating baby >:)

We’re still open, drop us a line!

We’re always looking for more skilled pilots, hit me up!

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Come on now, spaceships aren’t going to blow up themselves!

Come one come all let’s do this thing!

Pew pew, bang bang, spaceships go boom. Join us!

But what if my techniques as a player = way more than 30 mil SP?

It’s not all about what you can fly you know…it’s about what you can do with it. You can still wreck people in trash-boats.

Then we’d love to have you even more!

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Awesome answer, PM me in game so I remember to follow-up with you. I am at work :3rd_place_medal:

Between you and me, I’m at work too :sweat_smile: I’ll drop you a line in game as soon as I can.

Whoever pings first! hah.

Roses are red, violets are blue
We blow up spaceships, and you can too!

Ships in New Eden
Flying with too much safety
We’ll solve it ourselves

You can run but you can’t hide…from our recruiters! Stop by today!

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