Malicious-Intent - Recruiting PVP focused strays, refugees, nomads and addicts

Greetings Capsuleers.

Malicious Intent is recruiting for players that are looking for a new lease on the game and a change from the norm.

We are a small group of players that are just returning to game following a 7-8 month break and would like to find more likeminded blood thirsty brothers and sisters to join us in shooting anything and everything that moves.

Our singular interest is entertaining PvP content for our members. Be that small gang roams, blops drops, wormhole hunting or even just kicking over your neighbours dustbins once a week.

We have no interest in Sov, Politics, Crabbing, Ratting or general nest building. Only the enjoyment of trying to leave the frozen corpses of others in space or completely welping in the process.

We have no minimum play time requirements, CTAs or mandatory fleets. Real life comes first and no player will be pressed into joining in if they dont feel like it. So if you wish the play the game in a slightly more casual manner, that’s fine by us.

We are EUTZ/UKTZ based but are happy to accept anyone from any timezone without restriction.

As an incentive to our members, we run our own in house bounty system as a reward to our members, where each member is paid out 1m ISK for every kill they get in the calender month. We’re also looking at rewarding the best K/D ratio each month with an additional 100m. That should help keep the killing sprees entertaining and competitive.

Our group is currently made up of mature gamers in their 30s and 40s. Our only real restrictions are 18+ and persons joining must be mature enough to not get but hurt when people are trash talking for fun and to not lose their mind every time they lose their ship in space.

Comms is not mandatory, but certainly helps if you are wanting to fly with the group.

If you are interested and want to talk more, drop me a line here or ingame by the name of Pestis P’rimus.

PS. We are also interested in talking to other PvP corporations that arent currently within an alliance with a view to expanding our content base. Drop us a line if there is any interest in joining in on the corpse harvest.

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