┼ Hateful Intent ┼ C4 C3/C5s PVP Corp Looking EU/AU Members!


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Hateful Intent is a PVP Eviction corp first and foremost. Our primary TZ is US currently. We are looking to expand our membership to EU/AU.

Our Killboard

What We Offer:

  • Discord/TS3 for coms
  • C4 Blackhole with C5 & C3 statics
  • Tripwire for WH mapping
  • PVP Roams
  • Paid Eviction Ops
  • Experienced & knowledgeable player base
  • ISK-making opportunities
  • Corp buyback system reducing your logistics
  • Active Leadership that listens to your concerns
  • Citadels setup for Industry and Security

We need from recruits:

  1. Min 15m skill points
  2. Headset & mic
  3. Willing to scan the chain
  4. Join in with PVP fleets and Eviction Operations
  5. Able to be self-sufficient
  6. Full API for all accounts

We troll each other like best friends IRL would. Those easily offended need not apply. Come in a have a chat with us if you feel like you can handle the Hate. H1nt Pub in-game or send me a convo or evemail

58mil Sp Char LF new home
LF Medium Sized & Active WH Corp [72+ Mil SP]
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Looking for top notch players

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Wheres my EU /AU players!

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Come on now people, internet spaceships don’t destroy themselves. (bump)

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bumping it up boys, let’s go

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