How is time dilation caused and how to fix it?

I think ccp must fix it,it’s probaly not caused by players,cuz tdi is in all systems

I agree with you

CCP forgot to feed the hamsters probaly

lol probably

It’s caused when a server node get’s overloaded and needs to slow things down to compensate.

And the fix is: move to another system on another node, or wait out the combat/market activity/whatever that is causing it. CCP only hardens Sisi nodes for mass tests; the rest of the time, minimal resources are available (which is why the Sisi rules include not doing processing-intensive things like mass-buys off the market).

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hello, I have a huge delay on sisi it has been doing it to me for a long time as if I had TiDi and after a while 3-5 minutes it will fall but friends are fine you do not know what to do with it or if you can somehow fix the spell Sisi thank you o7