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In Sith Navy we pride ourselves on having great infrastructure, training, and people. We are very active in most time zones. We are a part of sov holding members of winter coalition and provide our pilots with a variety of benefits, such as free ships for most pvp roams, free skillbooks for most skills. We have a military trainer that provides classes and instruction in pvp. We do several roams most days.

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Need pilots and leaders

Looking for a few good men or women.

We are a null sec corp that owns our own sovereign space. We are looking for many different roles of players but one of our greates needs are pvper’s preferably trained into jackdaws, miners/indy, and pve’ers.we are an active group of guys and girls who spend a lot of time together on comms. We are laid back and understand that RL comes first.
If you have other interest or if you wanted to try pvp but have little experience we have trainers who teach classes and access to plenty of fleets. If you want to mine we run frequent minning fleets and for indy we have a huge selection of bpo’s and the orp or alliance will buy most of your production.
As for logistics we have several jump freighter pilots and can transport your goods easily. When going on fleet ops we most often provide you with the ships to attend so that you do not have to be concerned about losing your ships.
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Looking for a few more Sith

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Recruiting all pilots! Discord required, along with a functioning headset with mic.


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Need more pilots

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Need miners and inustrial pilots! PVP pilots as well. o7

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Looking for some Cap pilots if all varieties