Sith Navy - C2 Wormhole Corp open to recruitment!

Sith Navy is a wormhole corp that has developed from deep in null sec space, and is just setting down roots. We are a tight nit fun bunch of Siths that like to get together and farm sites, or go on roams.

We accept alpha pilots with the acceptation that you have the willingness to train what is needed for our doctrines.

What we offer:

-Small scale gang pvp roams
-Easy to fly ship doctrines
-Group Ratting Squads
-Active member base

-1 mil sp
-Working Headset
-Auth to our site (soon to come)
-Use Pathfinder
-Be active at least 2 times a week. If not that bear minimal is once a week.

We do not ask much, just be a good pilot and get in with the group, be on comms when you log in and participate in roams and activities to build the community.

More questions? Mail me today!

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