Situation at Hjoramold XII

Hey all!

The following images are from the orbit of Hjoramold XII, where a large cloud now seems to have immersed the planet and two stellar phenomena in the form of large circular depressions within the clouds, in one case around what looks like a large crystalline formation with a purple aura and clear-ish emissions ejecting from it’s northern pole, potentially the origin of the surrounding cloud.

Sleeper infrastructure is present as well as some Sleeper Drones, which seems highly suspicious. There have been reports of Sleeper Relic sites in the local vicinity for some time but this seems like a new development.

I haven’t seen any reports on the feeds, only a mention on one GalNet page.
Does anyone have any further information?

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An affiliate in The Republic sent me this footage from around the planet itself. It is darker there than pictured above, with what he only described as “lightning tornadoes”:

Apparently the first moon is also affected, but not the second.


So … uh … just putting this out there as a first thought:

We’ve known for years that we don’t really know what the Drifters might be up to. It was easy to think maybe they were too busy with the Triglavians to bother with us.

Anyone else get the feeling that’s a, “Yeah, not so much really,” and we’re maybe about to find out what they’ve been working on?


Pretty sure these are all old COSMOS sites

The ST-60 drones for example drop items for Sungur Tyrfin

The old archaeological sites do tend to have strange stuff around them. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Hjoramold so I wouldn’t know.

It seems like the Sleeper drones definitely would be new, or at least newer than the dig, though. Come to think of it, wasn’t that constellation where their ruins were first found in K-space?

The sleeper drones are labled “ST-60” and drop a cosmos mission item.

They’re not really new.

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