So i have been contacted by a Valkyrie pilot by the name of Antillare and while he was scouting a few locations he came across some interesting information.he first came across a jump gate being built under frostlines new brand, which is nothing new to the majority of pilots, and Im sure you who care have come across the audio logs before as well. they speak of a personal log of a man who was in control of the build project and then a new crew comes in with higher security clearence and re aligns the gate. He saw it as little interest to him so he moved on. He was later scouting a ground installation on solitude and some audio logs there speak of something being unearthed under the ice, nothing of note, until he finds the final message that states that a gate in a far away system is pointed directly at them when nobody is supposed to even know the installation exists. If these have been brought up before please let me know but if not, what do you all think of this? is there some information Im missing? and what is going on behind the scenes?