Skill Extractors - Extended discount period or a new permanent price?

So I’ve noticed skill extractors have been on sale for extended period of time by now, so has there been announcement how long this sale will last or is this the new permanent price of skill extractors?
Tbh I’m not even sure if it is a sale or not but to say the least it is marked as such on NES store.

IIRC, it’s not marked as a sale, it’s marked as a bulk discount. 5 packs and 10 packs are cheaper.

This was my thought as well, but since there is no option to buy skill extractors for that overwritten price in any way, it seems misleading. Also there is no mention of bulk price and that exact method (overwriting) is commonly used when something is on sale in global scale…

Yes, there is. The price of a single extractor is 140. Buying 10 that way would cost 1400, or you can buy the 10 pack at a discounted rate.

You are right, I found it now!
Was found only by search bar. That explains it and I’m in no rush to buy them! Thanks!

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