Skill Farm Chars


Starting bid at 4 Bil for each. Just extracted them down to 5 million SP so ready to farm on.

Message me directly for more information

Password is 12345

Im for sale

5bil ready, can we do it now for Dreads_Jump?

Im for sale

5.5 and I will start it right now

u have the deal
Mail sent

Getting it going now

Resend please
I was clearing mail and cleared yours


Says you have to many characters?

Going to bed… Ill try again in the morning

actually I’m deleting a char, will reply when I have it done by tmr.

char has been deleted

Transfer started… 1 more left

I will do 4Bil on Ling_LingPandaChong

I’ll do 4.5B on Ling_Ling

Make it 5 and ill start it right now

5b on Ling_Ling b/o isk ready now


Sold to you for 5 Bil. Char ready to transfer and isk recieved. Waiting on target account to finish current transfer and ill begin this one.