Skill Queue Removal

Are the skill points going away?
Is CCP going to remove the skill queue?

What is the point of adding skill points into my skills if the queue is going away?

I read in this forum that CCP is removing the Skill Queue. Is that true?
Where can I find out about that or is there someone who knows and could answer my questions without biting my head off?

Have a good day, y’all


Answer given by @Max_Deveron

“I watchd Fanfest this year live, right now I just googled a part ofit.”

“pay attention at around 46:40 what the Dev on stage says, as he shows his slide and there is your answer”

Again, thank you SO much!

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@CCP_Swift you are Community guy…could you please ask your colleagues if we could get a Devblog…based on this very topic.

We have the skillplans and rewards program for AIR like was mentioned in this yrs Fanfest.


ISD Traindriver


Als long, there is no official Anouncement from CCP Members, it is, indeed Rumor Mongering my Friends.

A Keynote with published roadmap ist no confirmation, what will happen in the End, and how changes would be implementet."

and with this i think the player base deserves some respect and an official answer according to this guy. Thanx


So when you take a deeper look in this Video postet above :

SP would not be completley removed.
The Skilling over time will be removed/replaced due passive Sp gain over Time, which could be placed in Skills and Skillplans as before.

So the Answer would be clear, No, Skillpoints will not be removed.
But this is my interpretation of the Video - Still waiting for a aproval from besides CCP.


That was the question though right?

The one i was answering at any rate, without getting into any of the other stuff he mentioned on stage.

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Removed Offtopic Post.

It was on topic. It was advice to you.


That will happen when it’s set in stone and about to be deployed. Stop looking for drama, stop being entitled.


That’s just pure gold right there!


I’m struggling to see any real difference. Skill points will still exist and will accumulate over time. But that’s what already happens. Likewise, we’ll ‘be able to apply skill points to particular skills’ ( as stated at the fanfest )…but again that is what already happens.

The only difference I can see is that whereas you can now apply skillpoints to a skill literally as you get them ( hence the timer going down )…it seems one will now have to manually do something to apply skills. And ( sigh ) this is supposed to make life easier.

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using skill catalogues, it does.

As things currently stand, I can re-order my skills queue any time. I can move a new item to the top half way through applying points to some other skill. How’s this going to be possible if there is no actual ‘queue’ ?


Its possible they changed their minds on this .

In the SotU for FW they made no mention of enrolling yourself without your corp being involved, but it was mentioned at fanfest.


CCP, and a lot of members here, seem under the illusion that it is the NPE, or the difficulty of the game, or the steep learning curve, or ganking, or fitting, or skilling, or whatever else of 1000 reasons, that make noobs quit the game. NO…here, in simple graphic terms, is what gets noobs hurling their PC at the wall after they’ve only just got used to things being a certain way…


That’s some rage quitting :flushed:
I don’t see it happening but then again I haven’t seen it all yet.

EVE should be like this:
-if you have omega time, it should generate free sp day and night… if there was any qeue then the sp should be used in the qeue automatically

It baffles me that it is not like this since day 1, anything other than my suggestion is bad, period.

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Well I did almost rage quit when they nerfed the Procurer late last year. As a noob I’d only just got used to it being a certain way…then they nerfed the mid slots and doubled the align time. Yeah…way to go, CCP, in keeping noobs.

That it had the unintended effect of getting me out of mining and into PvP that I enjoyed more…well I doubt that was the CCP plan. But now they want to tinker about with things yet again.


If he isn’t, it will be one more demonstration why having a volunteer moderation team is not working.

This is where I flog the dead horse by pushing yet again for paid moderators that have no history in the game.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses: