Free Skill Injectors?

I recall some weeks ago that CCP were going to provide free skill injectors to compensate for problems with one of their updates.

Anyone know anything on this?

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I assume they would first have to fix the problems.


i hope its ture

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I recall the problem was with communications in local. Believe it’s fixed.

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It makes no sense to provide skill injectors for chat problems. Its not like being unable to chat somehow makes you lose skill training time or pauses your skill queue.

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The article only said they were looking in to if they would be, not that they were definitely going to be, and it wouldn’t be an injector it would just end up being a small SP gift to cover the DT so don’t expect anything massive if at all

CCP did us a favor by removing local for a few hours why would we need to be reimbursed for it xD really now game was more than playable.

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At best ccp would give unallocated skillpoints, not injectors.

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As a Joke CCP could give us 11 un-allocated sp which is the addition of all the 1’s in the binary code of LoL xD or just 101 to make it simpler.

Why not 15?
As anniversary gift :wink:

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Few hours? You are funny. The unexpected downtimes on the patch day was a few hours. I got randomly disconnected from the chat for at least a week without being notified by the client. I dont want a reimbursement, i just want to point out to you that the actual issue was a bit bigger.

Was only a few hours to most of the player’s but yes it is true that some player’s had issues for a lot longer than others.

soon ™

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