Skillboard.Evie Introduces Filtering Feature

Good Evening Eve Online,

Tonight I am a super excited to announce the addition of a brand new Search Feature to Skillboard.Evie. Over the past 9 months that I’ve been maintaining Skillboard.Evie and watching the Character Bazaar on the forums, the one thing that I’ve noticed has been missing is a way to find characters that are for sell. Up until tonight, Capsuleers have had to manually peruse the forums looking for characters to purchase, and sellers have been limited to hoping that people interested in their characters stumble upon their forum thread. Today, with the introduction of the search feature on Skillboard.Evie, hopefully it becomes a little bit easier to find character you’re interested in purchasing.

The feature is accessible by navigating to The Search Page on Skillboard.Evie. An FAQ on what this page does can be viewed via the FAQ Link in the Navbar.

One important thing to note about this feature. It is an opt in feature, meaning that users will need to login and navigate to their settings page via their character portrait in the navbar. Once there, they’ll need to indicate that their character is for sale by toggling the Is For Sale settings. There is a requirement that a link to a For Sale ad on the Eve Online Character Bazaar be provided. Once provided, the character will appear on the search page and other users will be able to search for characters.

Due to the opt-in requirement of this feature, there maybe limited results for the first few days/weeks.

There is one exception to this rule. If you are just searching for a specific user by name, you can just search for them using the Search By Name field. Results for this parameter do not need to be for sale to show up, but they will not show up on initial load of the page.

I look forward to feedback on this feature knowing full well it is not perfect and there will be room for improvements.

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