Skogarmoarz! I call you all! Miners, newbros, matter here!


In olden days…the Skogarmoarz were the outcasts and exiled people who did not belong anywhere else. We live up to this name because we play the game differently than many and it is often looked down.

I love miners! we like to run highsec and nullsec mining fleets! (free fire is off so you “elite” people wont have luck). We will teach you how to defend yourself, and how to work with a team towards a larger goal. We will show you how to be part of the Skogarmoar community…where every farmer puts down his shovel and grabs his axe to defend his home!

Are you a pvper? or an F1 drone? Come see what it is like to be the guy everyone looks up to and where your skills actually matter! while we cant offer you the 24/7 non-stop pvp fleets and roams and defense…we can promise that if you are willing to be part of the community you will feel more pride in being the best warrior around than you ever will being an F1 drone.

JOIN ME! Thursdays, fridays, and saturdays are the days where we rally the community together to go accomplish things larger than any of us alone! Dont be a drone for some anonymous overlord…come be someone whos actions have meaningful impact on your space brethren!

Together we surely will reach…VALHALLA!!!

Discord: Jormungandrz


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